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Atomizer - Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt CD $7
USED (media M, insert M) HELLS 025
Australian Thrashy Black with a touch of obscure metal.

Black Howling - Melancholy of a Pagan Bucolic Spirit CD $7
Limited to 500 copies, two 20+ min grim Black Metal tracks from Portugal

Blasphemous - Bearer of the Darkest Plagues CD $7
NEW/SEALED BAARS Records 856-66
Some Melodic Deathy Black Metal from Philadelphia

Dark Fortress - Ylem CD $7
USED (media M-/VG, insert M) Century Media 8671-2
German Technical and Melodic Black Metal

Dark Throne - Ravishing Grimness CD $7
USED (media M, insert M)  FOG 6023
The Black Metal innovators of Norway are it again...

Deicide - To Hell With God CD $7
USED (media G, insert M) CM 8679-2
The Death Metal legends from Florida, underated album

Deivos - Gospel of Maggots CD $7
USED (media M, insert M) ULR12007-2
Technical Death Metal from Poland

Exekrator - Ordo Bestiae CD $7
NEW (media M, insert M) BeBu-021
Heavy Black Metal compilation from these Dannish bastards

Force of Darkness - Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness CD $8
NEW (sealed) HELLS 121
Black Thrash how it should be fuckin done!!! from Chile.

Grave - Hating Life CD $7
USED (media VG, insert VG) 7806-2
The Swede DM masters more slammy album

Krieg - Destruction Ritual CD $7
USED (media M, insert M) RSR-0150
New Jersey nasty and hateful Black Metal

Lost Breed - Save Yourself CD $7
NEW (sealed) SKR078CD
80's/90's essential Doom Metal from California

Lost Breed - The Evil In You and Me CD $7
NEW (sealed) SKR077CD
80's/90's essential Doom Metal from California

Morbius - The Shades Below CD $8
NEW (sealed) LARR022
Essential fuckin Death Metal from DC

Morbius - Trismegistus CD $8
NEW (sealed) LARR05
Compilation of the bands best shit!!!

Nunslaughter - Hells Unholy Fire CD $7
NEW (sealed) HELLS 080
Evil and raunchy Death Metal from PA/OH

Occvlt - Of Flesh and Blood CD $7
USED (media VG, insert VG) 76962-32321-2
Evil Death Thrash from the Netherlands

Overkill - Bloodletting CD $7
 USED (media G, insert VG) 06076 85202-2
When the New York maniacs went more Groove Thrash, totally killer and pumped album!!!

Sanguis Imerem - In Glory We March Towards Our Doom CD $8
NEW (media M, insert M) HELLS 069
Excellent Death Metal from California!!!!!!!!

The Vein - Scouraging the Wrecking of Time CD $7
NEW (sealed) SKR073CD
Very nice Dannish Death Doom

Zyklon - World of Worms CD $7
USED (media VG, insert G) CANUS0002CD
Norwegian All Star Band performing Black Death Metal